Plate Level Nutrition

Reclaim your health through the POWER of your plate

“They say, a healthy person has 1000 wishes, the sick person has only one.” Are you ready to take back your health?

If any of these describe you…

  • Your medical practitioner just told you need to change your diet to help treat a disease or diagnosis
  • Your health numbers, such as weight, blood sugars, blood pressure or blood lipids are moving the wrong way doing what you are doing.
  • You really do not want to take another medication if there is another way.
  • Your gut hurts or is not working like it should.
  • You want to feel better and enjoy life again.
  • You love food and love to eat, but don’t know what to eat to get results.

I can help!

Trained and Trusted Professional

As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist I am trained to cut through the mounds of nutrition information, so you don’t have to. I offer evidenced based nutrition solutions rooted in science and help you to personalize it for maximum results.

    Personalized for You

    No cookie cutter approaches. What works for one person does not work for another. We find the root cause of your problem and craft a plan specific to you. Every person’s health journey is individual and has a unique starting point and I promise to meet you where you are at.


      We will work together, and you will build sustainable habits. Services can be customized to support your needs and accountability provided to support your success.

        How I can Help

        I use the food-first approach, within the context of lifestyle medicine,and support your as you build behaviors, choices and habits to improve your health.

        Targeted Nutrition Counseling

        • Preventative nutrition
        • Medical Nutrition Therapy
        • Cardiometabolic disorders including hypertension, blood sugar regulation, dyslipidemia, abdominal obesity elevated triglycerides. 
        • Diabetes
        • Gut disorders
        • Food allergies

        Health and Well-Being Coaching

        • Wellness vision creation
        • Strategic goal setting 
        • Accountability plans

        Targeted Skill Training

        • Shopping and label reading
        • Menu planning
        • Cooking and culinary skills
        • Pantry optimization
        • Cooking for One
        • Dining out

        Formats and Location

        • Individual counselling
        • Group nutrition education
        • In person  and virtual appointment options
        • Employee wellness programs

        Finding a Balance Can Be Hard, but Eating Healthy Doesn’t Have To Be

        Getting started is easy! All it takes is scheduling a complimentary call to learn more. After that, we can set up a 90-minute consultation to build your perfect program. We’ll then put together individual follow up sessions or you can select the best package for your success.

        “I suffered from acne and no matter what I did my skin would not clear up. Alicia showed me how to add and subtract things from my diet and suggested easy changes and helped me understand hidden ingredients in packaged foods to help keep my diet clean. After making changes my skin began clearing up. Today I have healthy skin and am enjoying my new lifestyle.”


        “Alicia was great to work with, she came to my home and helped me look through my pantry to learn of foods I frequently bought. Together we were able to identify foods I could keep, and I learned what foods were triggering my IBS. I appreciated her willingness to work with me in a way that made sense to me.”


        Get Started!

        I am excited to meet you and learn how I can help you in your journey to health. Contact me in the way most convenient for you.

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